In the following pages of this website, one will find out information about the Merry Saxophone Music Festival, its founding members, artists and bands that will be attending to make it such a popular musical event. One will also find more details on the festival’s history.

The website was created to share information on the Merry Saxophone Music Festival, which has become increasingly popular over the years. The festival is not just a general gathering for music lovers. It is one of the largest musical events in the country.

Each year, more than 100 artists attend the festival and fill it with live and joyous nights.

It is needless to say that as time passes, the number of artists and attendants will steadily increase.

Merry Saxophone Music Festival was founded by a group of people who shared a common passion for saxophone music. The festival was created as an initiative to popularize saxophone music in the founding members’ home town. Ever since, it has grown considerably and has become one of the most iconic music festivals in the country.

It attracts fans from all over the world. The Merry Saxophone Music Festival has five distinct phases, which are all spread out evenly over the course of the week. Special keynote speeches are held and guests are invited for special performances. The fans can enjoy special appearances by established saxophone musicians, who are also high profile and multi-talented.

All those who wish to find out more on the Merry Saxophone Music Festival are invited to browse the following pages and even add the festival’s website to their bookmarks!

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