How Playing Instruments Stimulate Your Learning Curve

There is a lot of research out there, that shows how learning to play an instrument at any age, but particularly as a child, is beneficial for the development of the mind. The most famous example is the “Mozart Effect”, which postulated, that listening to Mozart while doing work, particularly regarding children, could help to retain more of what you learn. Although this one has been thoroughly debunked, there are other examples of credible research, that do seem to show how listening to music does in fact provide beneficial effects. Both in terms of childhood development, as well as wellness as an adult.

shutterstock_372112240Music is a High Level Activity

Ultimately, learning music is a higher order function in the brain. By training children to play a musical instrument from a young age, you are assisting them in developing those higher order functions starting early on. This leads to many positive outcomes: like mastering complex coordination and emotional communication. Music has also been linked to better language and maths skills, as well as higher IQ and better overall academic achievements. The obvious improvement is the ability to listen to melodies and pitch and distinguish differences and nuances. is a fascinating place to go to find out about the kind of educational programs that are offered there, regarding this topic.

Why Wait? Learn Music Now!

If you have a child or are an adult, there’s no time to waste when it comes to learning music. Not only is it extremely fun, but also the sense of accomplishment is the greatest feeling ever. On top of that, you or your child will receive the incredible benefits described above. Learning musical ability will grow and develop higher order functioning, allow you to cross-pollinate your mind functions and develop a more nuanced and creative approach to your life. Children will reap the maximum benefit, with the greatest effects continuing into adulthood and beyond. There really isn’t a better skill to learn than music!