Accommodation Possibilities for the Avid Audiophiles

Accommodation Options At The Festival

The founding members of the Merry Saxophone Music Festival are well aware of the fact that there is a limited camping capacity in the courtyard of the festival and, sooner or later, those who attend it will have to look for accommodation options for them.

In hindsight of events that led the fans to sleep in unwanted locations, the founders offer this page, where people can find the available accommodation possibilities for all those who wish to images-1come to Merry Saxophone Music Festival and may not have a place to stay.

Directly linked to booking portals and websites, this page will allow you to find various hotels, motels and hostels which do or do not have an active partnership with the festival. Thanks to several arrangements with the local accommodation providers, the founders of the Merry Saxophone Music Festival have managed to ensure that all who attend it have some form of accommodation. After a long night of good music, some good food and wine, plus a warm bed may just be what you need.

The accommodation options range from five-star hotels, motels or even lodges outside of the city. There are many accommodation possibilities for those who attend the festival. You can select what you prefer on this page.

You can choose an accommodation type; hotel, hostel or lodge. The range of interest, as well as the number of persons to be accommodated, is listed as well. You will also find a detailed listing of all the locations which meet the search criteria. The results can be sorted according to the distance to the festival or other parameters such as the price and availability.

The founders of the Merry Saxophone Music Festival invite everyone who wishes to attend to plan their trip ahead of time, in order to avoid getting caught up without accommodation when arriving in town for the saxophone festival.