Arriving at the Merry Saxophone Music Festival

Arriving At The Saxophone Festival

In the hope to offer some guidance and help to all those who will be attending the festival, the founding members have decided to dedicate this page for sharing general information and pointers about how to arrive at the Merry Saxophone Music Festival in a timely and elegant manner. There is nothing fashionable about being late.

  • By Train, Or By Road

Starting off is the fact that all those who wish to attend the festival must first establish contact ahead of time. The founding members would like to greet everyone and wish those who are starting on the road to the festival a safe trip.

There are numerous possibilities for reaching the city where the festival is held and one of the best out 7-1840x1328p50x50there is to come by train. The railway network across that part of the country has undergone a complete overhaul. It is now operating at optimal parameters.

Coming by car or bus is also possible. However, the road network is far less advanced compared to the railway. Only off-road cars may be ideal. Others may want to seek alternatives as the roads are deplorable.

A printout map is provided and all those who decide on coming at the Merry Saxophone Music Festival can print it (preferably on large format paper, such as A1-A2) and take it with them if they choose to come by car.

A dedicated GPS tracking application is also available for download. It can be installed on your tablet or mobile devices and initialized when going with the preferred vehicles. Regardless of the transportation choice, the founding members of Merry Saxophone Music Festival invite everyone to attend the festival, to have a safe trip and to reach in good condition. Enjoy your ride as you will surely not be disappointed with the saxophone performances at the festival.