The Festival and its Driving Force

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Passion For Saxophone Music

By far, the main factor that has driven the founding members of the Merry Saxophone Music Festival is the passion for saxophone music, which was shared among them, and thedownload-12 impact it had on their lives, right from their childhood.

The founding members have all gone to music school. This was among the facts that ensured they all had a good understanding of the musical aspects concerning saxophone performances. Being well versed in saxophone playing themselves, they were only drawn back by the fact that in their home town, the possibilities of arranging meetings with fellow musicians to share valuable information or practicing, were almost nonexistent.

There were, of course, several locations, mostly bars and cafes, where musicians gathered and offered live saxophone performances. Therefore, they came up with a plan which basically stated that a new location would be necessary in their town, which would be sufficiently large in order to accommodate an entire music festival.

The main help came from the local authorities, who agreed that they would provide the location for a saxophone music festival, with the trade-off that the festival should popularize the town and attract tourists. This deal was good enough for the founding members, who were all delighted by the fact that for the first time in their lives, they had the chance to organize a music festival.

To this day, it is because of their initiative in creating the Merry Saxophone Music Festival that numerous artists and bands, which were passionate and devoted to saxophone music, were able to meet in a nice, organized environment. Here they could exchange ideas and thoughts or simply perform what they knew best – saxophone music. Once opened, the festival grew exponentially in popularity and more and more artists started attending, not just for the music, but also for the peaceful and nice atmosphere that saxophone music offered.

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