Get To Know the Festival’s Beginnings

Saxophone Music Festival History

This page is dedicated entirely to those who are interested in the Merry Saxophone Music Festival and would like to access more information about its early start and histthree-racist-black-girls-assault-white-saxophone-player-say-white-girls-cant-play-that-song-665x385ory. Therefore, everyone is invited to have a look at this page, where more in-depth aspects of the festival’s formation will be shared.

Like it was stated in the introductory pages, the festival was the idea of a group of people who were together in music school and who realized that they shared a common passion for saxophone music.

As the possibilities for organizing meetings with other fellow musicians were hard to come by in their home town, they thought it would be best to organize a festival where multiple artists and bands could meet, discuss matters affecting saxophone music and have live performances.

Therefore, the birth of the Merry Saxophone Music Festival was decided and it wasn’t long until the teenagers who were the founding members were able to implement it.

Resorting to help from the local authorities, the group was able to obtain a location for organizing the festival and all the necessary musical equipment and gear that is demanded by such a large scale musical event. The only deal was that the city was to be promoted through the festival, in order to boost its popularity and rake in revenue from tourism and other economic activities.

As long as the festival would bring more people in town, the founding members would have their location guaranteed by the local authorities.

The setting up of the saxophone music festival indeed revamped tourism. More and more people from far and beyond started attending. Before long, the Merry Saxophone Festival became one hard to miss. The saxophone stage was always jammed with people as it was easily one of the largest musical events in the country.