Attending Artists and Bands

Festival Band Members

All the bands that attend the Merry Saxophone Music Festival each year are distinct in terms of the number of members and their ages.

However, as many as the bandsdownload-11 might be, a core nucleus has formed over the years. A few bands that constantly attend the festival have formed some sort of consistency. Furthermore, with the increase in popularity of Merry Saxophone Music Festival, more and more young bands and artists are attending the festival. They are taking part in the great expansion tendency the saxophone music scene has earned in the last years, thanks to the Merry Saxophone Music Festival.

Carrying the saxophone musical trend further, both the young artists and elders who are established artists have all actively contributed to the spread of the musical genre through this festival.

Considering how many young artists are frequenting the Merry Saxophone Music Festival, the impact it has had on their lives is almost predictable.

Many artists and bands whose members are relatively young bear names such as: “The Saxo Teens” or “Saxophone’s Children”. This is proof that documents the prevalence of saxophone musical performances, thanks to the festival.

These young artists and bands also frequent other festivals and therefore carry the word to others.

The main artists and bands that represent the core which attends the Merry Saxophone Music Festival are mainly comprised of elders. They are from the same generation as the founders of the festival. It is because of them that the festival has stayed alive and vibrant for so many years. Thanks to their presence, the festival has always had a guaranteed attendance and it has been honored with saxophone performances worth remembering.

In addition to the artists and bands who attend the festival, there are also celebrities, public speakers and special guests who are constantly attending the festival. They give speeches and keynote addresses to all the fans who attend the Merry Saxophone Music Festival.